Florida Strawberry Festival for a Day

There's so much to do at the Florida Strawberry Festival, let us help you plan it out.
As you plan your day note that they have changed the security screening at all of the entrances so plan to have your bags checked and a wand passed over your person. Law enforcement is present at each gate to ensure security in the entry process.
As you are entering, look for the local kids selling water at the gates. Their sale of $1 per bottle is cheaper than anything inside the grounds. Since you can't bring water in, take note of the 6 different entrances and know that as you need to hydrate you can save some money. 
As you walk through the grounds there are so many choices for food choose from common fair food items to chocolate dipped bacon or deep fried Oreos.
The farm exhibit shows how the common tractor has changed generation after generation now allowing the strawberry farmer to form up the rows and lay the irrigation lines in neatly covered rows that allow the strawberry plants to grow through a protected encasement that keeps out weeds and pests that would damage the roots.
There's the Old Florida section where craftsmen demonstrate how things were made before automation. You'll find a blacksmith operating a working forge, a carver making furniture and related items and another carver hollowing out bowls from gnarled wooden burls. Those are all located by the old post office towards the center of the festival grounds.
At the Verizon gazebo, you can witness Native American dancing along with traditional music. The dancer is outfitted in ceremonial full dress. It's truly a sight to see.
In the Neighborhood Village Hall (also known as the Queen's Hall) you'll find the current strawberry queen's gown on display along with a photo display of past queens. You will find many similar names as Strawberry royalty runs in some of the families. 
The midway offers a variety of different games of chance. Bring lots of cash or a thick skin as the barkers will cat call and chide all who walk by their booths.
For the thrill seeker, the Belle City Amusements rides offer something for almost every level of dare devil. The large Ferris Wheel gives the rider an opportunity to see the entire festival grounds from some 10 stories in the air. Ride tickets run a dollar a piece with many rides requiring three or more. Armbands are offered at a flat rate and can be a more economical way to go depending on how many rides you want to try out.
Oh yeah, and there's the strawberries.... 
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