Hillsborough County Schools creates security video

- In the wake in the Parkland school shooting, the Hillsborough County school officials created a nine-minute video for students to become familiar with the basics of their security procedures.

It’ll be watched together by teachers and students in high school and middle school. In elementary schools, teachers and principals will use their discretion on whether to watch the video with students in the room. The school district is encouraging parents to watch the video with their kids ahead of time.

The video begins with superintendent Jeff Eakins discussing the importance of keeping children safe and what schools are doing to make that happen.

To make it appropriate for most age groups and not frighten young students, the video uses the term “threat” and does not mention guns, intruders, or other specific terms, school officials say.

This video is a broad overview, and it’s important to know that every school has its own crisis response team and emergency plans, which are shared with local law enforcement.

The video will be broadcasted to schools across the district at 9:30 a.m. on Friday.

Some schools in Hillsborough County are already making changes.

Collins Elementary School in Riverview notified guests the school’s front office door will now be locked as an added security measure.  If parents want access to the campus they’ll need their ID when they knock on the front door.

The full video can be viewed here:

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