Hundreds show up for free medical clinic


Dentistry, checkups, eye exams: they’re medical services that can really add up, especially for the un- or under-insured. But each year dozens of doctors, dentists and optometrists team up in Bradenton to help hundreds of people stay healthy.


It’s called the Remote Area Medical (RAM) clinic and it's a lifeline for those who simply can't afford to go to the doctor.


“There are just millions of people in this country, and it’s not just the homeless by any means or even the unemployed, we get a lot of people from middle class American who cannot afford the high cost of dentistry or the high cost of a simple pair of glasses,” said RAM founder Stan Brock.


The services are completely free because the doctors are working for free. If you ask them though, what volunteers get in return is far more rewarding.


"A lot of these patients are coming in and they have these chronic conditions that haven’t been looked at for years sometimes, so that’s why it’s an honor to get to provide them service," said volunteer physician Jack Tseng.


This weekend doctors and dentists helped more than 1,000 patients. 


And RAM’s directors have already announced the free clinic will return again next year to Manatee Technical College.


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