Ireland Nugent and mother share a bond in amputation

- Ireland Nugent's story touched hearts across the Bay Area and Florida. Now, the girl from Palm Harbor who lost her lower legs in a lawn-mowing accident five years ago is adjusting, once again, to a new normal.

Ireland, now 7 years old, is thriving, but her mother, Nicole is now dealing with the amputation of her lower right leg after being injured in the water in California.

"I took my chances on going in and I guess I took the wrong chance and had cuts on the bottom of my feet and bacteria wound up getting into my foot," said Nicole.

In 2013, Ireland was only 2 years old when she lost both of her lower legs. As she grew, she learned to navigate the world, developing in many of the same ways as other girls her age.

Nicole says she now has a lot to learn and it's given her a new perspective on Ireland's journey.

"I used to go and not understand when she would say, 'Well, it hurts all over when we're trying to walk,' and I would say, 'Well, how could it hurt all over?' and 'How could this be or that be?' and now I'm going through it. I can see where she's coming from," said Nicole.

Ireland is helping her mom adjust.

"I felt excited because you were going to get a new leg and I could teach you how to walk," Ireland told her mom.

"She'll come running behind me and flatten out carpets and stuff cause she sees I’m tripping and I think, a lot of times, she gets more nervous about me than she does about her," said Nicole.

The two aren't looking back, but moving forward together.  

"We've handled the worst already. This was not the worst. You still have to do their homework, they still have to be fed. Life kind of still goes on," said Nicole.

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