Judge recommends disbarment for shock jock lawyers

- A judge has recommended all three attorneys in the DUI setup case be disbarred permanently. 
In July, retired Pinellas Circuit Judge Douglas Baird found Stephen Diaco, Robert Adams, and Adam Filthaut guilty of several ethical violations including setting rival attorney Phil Campbell up for a DUI arrest and then covering it up. 
Campbell was arrested for DUI back in January of 2013 during the defamation case between Bay Area shock jocks Bubba "The Love Sponge" Clem and Todd "MJ" Schnitt. Adams and Diaco represented Clem and Campbell was representing Schnitt.
In their final plea to the judge, Diaco's legal team urged the judge to consider his exceptional character and charitable work in the community. But the judge said the charity work did not atone for the aggravated violations he committed.
The Florida Supreme Court will make the final ruling.
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