LOVE STORIES: Billy Joel's 'Piano Man' plays Cupid

- Their love for Billy Joel started when they were both kids.

"I grew up listening to him on the radio and my dad strumming it on the guitar. So I just grew up feeling so connected to him, and it's just a special part of my family," said Adrienne.

And it's that passion for his music that brought the two together. Marc and Adrienne's paths first crossed in 1996, while they were both waiting in line for tickets to a Billy Joel concert.

"We ended up sitting together because we bought the tickets together so we could get the best seats," said Adrienne.

After that night they went their separate ways. It wasn't until three years later that Billy brought them back together. Marc had an extra ticket to his concert and gave Adrienne a call.

Marc and Adrienne Sander's love story is more like a song, a melody that began with their favorite musician.

"He definitely made a tremendous impact on our lives and he continues to do so," said Marc.

"I was astonished that he called," said Adrienne.

She was living in Ft. Laurderdale at the time, but she still said yes. And a couple months later she flew to Tampa and they had their first a Billy Joel concert on Valentine's Day, 1999.

"I do attribute it to him because there's no way [that] randomly, three years later he would've called me for any other reason because we weren't really in touch," said Adrienne.

And that's how their love story began.

Three years later they married, honoring the Piano Man at the reception by naming their tables after his songs and dancing their first dance as husband and wife to Joel’s song, "She's Got a Way."

Now 13-and-a-half years and six Billy Joel concerts later, it's still the Piano Man that always brings them back to their beginning.

"He just reminds us as to why we stick together. He really is a bond for the two of us," explained Marc.

They both agree: a life without each other would be lonely, and a world without Billy Joel would be dull.

"He's a poet. He assembles words beautifully together- words that we appreciate, that we love. And they definitely define us," said Marc.

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