Man describes fighting off robbers to 911 dispatcher

 "I was putting away groceries, just finishing up when one grabbed me by the arm pointed a gun at my face and said 'don't say anything' and started ushering me from the house," described the 911 caller.

He was a little out of breath, but with remarkable calm the victim recalls to a 911 dispatcher his encounter with a pair of armed attackers.

"The door was open in my house. I feared for my family so I grabbed the gunman who had his gun at me. The second he was distracted I pushed him away. I grabbed a hold of him and ran from the house the second I could I grabbed my firearm and shot at them," he said.

The victims said he fired seven rounds at the suspects, who shot four or five times in return. 

"He started firing and one hit me in the finger," the victim said.

Police said officers are looking for a pair of armed attackers who tried to rob a man outside his home. 

Those attackers quickly learned they had messed with the wrong guy. 

It happened around 11 p.m. Sunday in a Temple Terrace neighborhood along Serena Drive. The victim said he was putting his groceries away when two guys came up and tried to mug him.

The victim said he felt someone grab his arm and tell him not to say anything. 

Another bullet ripped across Selma Drive and tore through a neighbor's living room window.  Thankfully no one was home.

"It is scary that something happened this close and then indirectly affected us," said neighbor Jessica Meyer.

Police think the two suspects randomly chose what they thought would be an easy target. As a concealed weapons permit-holder, he proved them very wrong.

"Different story if he had not been able to defend himself," Meyer said.

Temple Terrace police were investigating. 

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