Man who shot girlfriend during sex gets 7-years

- Defendant Tyrone Fields says it was role playing, not murder, when he shot his teenage girlfriend while they had sex.

"I'm very sorry for my actions," Fields said Tuesday.

After apologizing in court, fields pleaded guilty to manslaughter for killing his teenage girlfriend Christina Meagher.

Hillsborough Prosecutor Greg Pizzo says it was a freaky sex game that turned deadly in a Tampa Hotel room last November.

"The defendant says he removed the magazine from the gun but forgot to remove the bullet from the handgun's chamber, and that the victim, Ms. Meagher consentually agreed to have the handgun to her head," said Pizzo.

Fields then pulled the trigger, killing Christina.

"The defendant maintained he didn't intentionally shoot the victim, but said it was an accident," said Pizzo.

Accident or not, Fields is going away for seven years,
The punishment is not enough for Christina's Aunt, Cathy Meagher.

"If it was an accident, you're still responsible for your actions, and an accident of this caliber deserves a lot  more time than seven years," said Meagher.

Christina was only 18-years old when she died, and her aunt says she had a whole life ahead of her.

"You don't put a gun to somebody's head and pull the trigger. If it was a role-play of a rape, you don't pull the trigger during a rape. you pull the trigger during a murder," said Meagher.

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