Mayor, rapper have sit-down over 'float party'

- Call it the fish taco summit: St. Pete Beach Mayor Maria Lowe and rapper Forgiato Blow held a meeting -- over Fish Tacos at the Hurricane -- to discuss the rapper's planned "float party."

"The biggest thing we have achieved here is we have gotten to know each other better," said Lowe.

This week, the rapper -- a native of St. Pete Beach -- put out an open invite on Facebook saying anyone who wanted to meet him could come to the gulf behind the Don Cesar

But the mayor and city officials are concerned, saying it is unauthorized because no permit has been taken out.  Other float parties, like one in Miami last month, have left Florida beaches in ruins.

During Thursday's negotiation, Blow promised to pay for porta-potties, trash cans, and water.  He agreed to reconsider the gulf behind the Don CeSar as the location, but turned down her biggest pitch: To get a permit for another day.

"On some things, I would say we have agreed to disagree," she said.

Another thing they did not agree on is how to pay for the sheriff's deputies.  Blow denied her request, saying we all pay taxes for deputies to staff events like this.

Blow is begging fans to come in taxis or Lyft or Uber, and is insisting they don't do to this beach what happened in Miami last month, when a 100,000 float partiers left more trash behind than sand.

"We are trying to keep a clean environment for the birds and the turtles," insisted Blow.

The mayor is in the unusual position of working with someone who is hosting an unpermitted event, but says it would be irresponsible to ignore it.

She has called in deputies to keep watch by land, air, and water.

"I am grateful for the message of no alcohol, no drugs, and no drama," said Mayor Lowe. 

Lowe did prove one thing: she can negotiate in any genre.

"I think we can make this work... because we are not jerks."

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