Meet Jägermeister, the swimming dog rescued from the gulf

- A little dog, rescued several miles out in the Gulf of Mexico, is a big hit on social media.

The 12-year-old terrier, named Jägermeister, fell overboard in the gulf near Hernando Beach.  Luckily, he had a life vest on to keep his head above water.

Some boaters spotted him, pulled him aboard, and called for the Coast Guard.  The dog's owner had reported that the pup had gone overboard about three hours earlier, and he was working to put up fliers for his missing pet when the call came in. 

"Everybody had tears in their eyes.  It was a beautiful sight after him being in the water for three hours," Joey Myrick exclaimed.  "It's a miracle.  It really is a miracle."

Our report with the boaters from earlier this week has received international attention.  Now, we've caught up with Jägermeister himself.

Myrick thinks he knows why his pet jumped.

"When I brought [the boat] off the plane and turned around and started idling, he was ready to get in the water.  He's done it before and it's usually as we get to the island; he'll jump off and swim to the island," Myrick explained.  "Well, he must have figured that we were at the island and it was time for him to get off and swim to the island."

The boaters credit the dog's life vest with keeping him from going under.

"From where I dropped him to where they found him, by my chart, was like 14 miles.  The wind blew him and the tide took him.  He survived it," Myrick added.  "Thank god they picked him up; I don't think he would have made it to Mexico."

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