Police: Brandon man planned to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey

- Alarming new details were released Monday in the case of a Hillsborough County man accused of planning to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey.  

Arrest paperwork says the 43-year-old chanted while being interviewed by Orlando police, and told officers he was going to the afterlife.

Michael Hunt is behind bars at the Orange County Jail without bond, charged with stalking and trying to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey.  

The Brandon man was arrested Friday night outside the Amway Center in Orlando where the artist was performing a concert.  

Investigators say Hunt was armed with a knife, and had concert tickets.

According to court papers, the officer who interviewed the 43-year-old once he was in custody called the conversation "disturbing.”  

The documents say Hunt told police he wasn't going back to Brandon. Instead, "he was going to the afterlife.”  

It goes on to say, “during the interview Hunt began chanting gibberish. Hunt stated he put something inside of us and began chanting gibberish."

"I was brought here to the jail where there was fear instilled in a bunch of 'em because of my energy," Hunt told a judge.

He had his first court appearance Sunday morning, and was very animated, even laughing during the proceeding. Hunt told the judge he didn’t plan to hurt anyone, and he simply wanted to go to Lana Del Rey's concert.

"Yeah, I posted on her Lana Del Rey Nation site I painted some paintings, I’m gonna be at the concert, look for me,” he said.

However, Orlando police say Hunt planned to do much more than that, citing cryptic and threatening posts he made about the singer on social media.
On Hunt's Facebook page, FOX 13 news found dozens of pictures and videos of the artist, whose real name is Elizabeth Grant. On Thursday, he posted "I love you too I’m so sorry I did this to us.”  

And two days earlier writing in part, "I want to see my queen on Friday and from that day forward our decisions will be as one."

"When me and Lana get together, uhm, I’m gonna probably finish out her tour with her, obviously, dance and talk, figure out, you know, what we're gonna do with, what we can do with children," Hunt said during a rambling Facebook live post last week.

Sunday, Grant tweeted that she's doing fine. But police say the performer was in fear for her safety when she learned about Hunt’s threats.

"He made it clear he was going to be with her, that he would be on the stage with her," the prosecutor said.

Since the 90's, Hunt has done time in jail and has been convicted of more than 60 felonies, including drug charges and violent crimes.
"Was anything said derogatory as far as bodily harm or anything to be done to her,” said Hunt. “All I heard was love, love, love and queen, queen, queen."

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