FHP investigates projectiles hitting cars near overpass

- At first, Walter Drakeford didn't think twice when he heard a loud noise while driving north on I-75 near the Mendoza overpass. Then his buddy, following closely behind, called to say his windows had been broken.

"It sounded like some rocks hit my car. I thought nothing of it. Maybe from a slow-moving truck ahead of me. I kept going on," Drakeford recalled.

They pulled over to take a look. It looked like someone shot a pellet or BB gun directly at their cars.

"The damage right here on my fender, that I thought was a rock, is not a rock," said Drakeford. "He said he was changing lanes after a truck went past him, he saw some heads laying in the grass. He was wondering what they were doing and all of a sudden, his windows blew out."

Drakeford's friend had the most damage.

"It blew the back window out. The front one shattered in a million pieces. This is something that shouldn't happen," he said.

They called the Florida Highway Patrol for help, and discovered they weren't the only ones. Around midnight, FHP started getting calls. Another driver had just reported the same thing.

"At this point in time, we aren't sure if it was a BB gun, a pellet gun, a sling slot perhaps; some sort of kids throwing rocks," said Trooper Ken Watson.

Troopers were back at the scene Friday, investigating and collecting evidence. Trooper Ken Watson said they're trying to figure out if the suspects were in the grass, on the Mendoza overpass or moving between both locations.

"It could be several kids or perhaps it could be one. If they are caught, when they are caught they would be facing a second degree felony. They could be facing several years in jail," said Trooper Watson.

Luckily, no one was hurt. Troopers want to catch those responsible before something worse happens.

"It's one of those situations. If the word gets around they will find who did it," said Drakeford.

Troopers ask if you have any information contact them by dialing *FHP.

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