Police search for cyclist accused of spitting on driver

- It's gross, it's rude, and technically, it's battery.

A couple in St. Pete was enjoying a nice warm day, taking a ride in their convertible when – they say – a guy on a bicycle came up, cursed and spit on them.

They were able to snap a picture before driving away and now St. Petersburg police want to find him.

They say it started when a couple was driving their convertible on 5th Ave. S when a bicyclist approached them, cursing them out. He then leaned over the man's wife, who was in the passenger seat and spit right in the driver's eyes.

While there are always two sides of every story, the driver of the car told police that he did nothing to antagonize the bicyclist.

Officers are taking this seriously, and it could result in some pretty serious charges

"This bicyclist could be charged with burglary or simple battery or a combination of both, depending on what the state attorney wants to do. He leaned into the vehicle…it'd be like punching someone," Rick Shaw with St. Pete police explained.

Officers say if you recognize the bicyclist, give them a call. They would love to have a chat with him. 

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