Police: Woman used stolen ID to buy plastic surgery

- Police are trying to track down a Polk County identity theft suspect who may now be flaunting $10,000 in stolen breast implants and butt injections.

According to Lakeland police, Nyaira Thomas of Lake Wales used an Illinois woman's identity to open a line of credit at the Watson Clinic on Lakeland Hills Boulevard. The 20-year-old allegedly used the account to get breast implants, liposuction, lip injections, and even a butt lift.

The cost for the procedures was more than $11,000.

Detectives aren't sure how Thomas got the victim's information, but they want to find and charge her with identify theft, forgery, and grand theft. They are asking anyone who may have information to come forward.

Meanwhile, the victim says she was tipped off when she got a "Thank you" card from the Watson Clinic for having the procedures. When she called the clinic, and employee told her a line of credit had been opened, through a company called Care Credit, using her information. 

But the victim's first reaction was sympathy rather than anger.

"I thought, 'Here is this poor woman in Florida who doesn't have health insurance, has some health condition that she needs urgent care, and this is her only option," the victim told FOX 13. "Then the detective told me it is plastic surgery and I was like, 'Of course, of course it was plastic surgery.'"

Detectives identified Thomas because she put down a friend's address in Lake Wales on one of the applications. Thanks to pictures taken at the clinic, showing her unique tattoos, her friend identified her to police.

"She knows we are looking for her. We have been in contact with some of her family members, and she is obviously avoiding us. But we will find her," explained Gary Gross with Lakeland Police. 

The Watson Clinic may be out the money for doing the procedures. The victim says Care Credit has promised to scrub this from her credit report.

"It is not OK, and it is super stressful, and I had to put in a ton of hours calling all of the credit bureaus and checking my personal accounts and calling my insurance," she said. "It was a bit of a nightmare."

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