Report: All friends, even family, turned in Hard Rock Casino suspect

- With friends like these, Dirk Davis doesn’t need enemies.  

According to federal court documents, Davis is the man who robbed the Seminole Hard Rock Casino last month, and authorities had no shortage of friends – or even family members – willing to turn him in.

The documents also reveal for the first time how much money Davis stole during the poker room heist.

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According to a federal criminal complaint, Davis walked into the casino around 2:00 a.m. February 2nd wearing “a black sweatshirt, sunglasses with stickers on them, and latex gloves." He walked up to the cashier, pulled out a handgun and said, “I don’t want to cause a scene … I want hundreds,” the complaint said.

Fearing for his life, the cashier “pulled out two ‘straps’ of hundred dollar bills, containing a total of $20,000,” the documents state. Davis grabbed the money and walked out of the casino, heading in the direction of the Florida State Fairgrounds.

But neither luck nor time were on Davis’ side.  

Neither, does it seem, were his friends. One man, identified as “KA” in the criminal complaint, told investigators Davis called and texted so many times seeking a ride that morning that he blocked Davis' number.

Hours after the robbery, authorities released surveillance video of Davis from inside the casino. That led to a number of tips from Davis’ friends and family members – and a coworker, identified as “ML." 

Two of the tipsters, “RB” AND “KA,” identified Davis as the man in the video. Both told agents they have known Davis for years.

Three different family members also identified Davis from the video – including his mother and sister. His sister told agents she bought the jacket he wore in the video. Another friend confirmed he saw Davis wearing the same jacket earlier that week. Davis’ own mother called him a liar and gave authorities his girlfriend’s address in Jacksonville.

The U.S. Marshals Service tracked Davis to Jacksonville, and ultimately Georgia, where they caught up with him February 6th.  

According to the criminal complaint, detectives tried to question him, but Davis responded, “I know why you’re here and I want a lawyer.”

Meanwhile, a search of Davis’ home turned up a pair of black sneakers “that appeared to match the shoes” worn by the robber in the surveillance video.  

It was added to the collection of evidence against Davis, which also includes a pair of black latex gloves and a pair of sunglasses with stickers on them, found on the sidewalk near the casino the night of the robbery.

Davis is currently behind bars at the Orient Road Jail. 

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