Retirement community murder attempt goes to trial

- The quiet retirement community of  Country Wood Lakes turned into a crime scene last year when prosecutors say 65-year-old David Southwick tried to kill his girlfriend, Jill Cutler because she wanted to break off their romance.

Tuesday, the case landed in a courtroom, putting Culter on the stand to describe what happened.

"He was angry," she explained to a jury.

The two met at the dog park. They dated for two years, even moving in together.

Then, Jill says, his drinking got out of hand.

On December 5, 2015 Culter told Southwick their relationship was over and packed her stuff.

That's when, according to Culter, Southwick drove his golf cart to her house - not looking to makeup, but to make good on this threats.

"He said, 'you don't know it, but you're already dead,'" Culter explained in court.

She said she heard a gunshot, so she called 911, and then ran for her life.

"911 would not be there in time and I was afraid he was going to kill me," Culter said.

Neighbor James Wingo was also in court. He saw some of what happened that night.

"I heard a loud 'bam,' kinda a like a gun had went off," Wingo described.

The next thing he heard was Culter at his front door.

"She was crying real bad. She was kinda out of control, hysterical," recalled Wingo.

Prosecutors say Southwick fired five shots, one of which hit Culter in the Leg.

Culter explained in court, at the time she went to her neighbor's door, she was worried about bringing others into Southwick's cross hairs. She choked up trying to explain it to the jury.

Prosecutor: "Tell these folks why you didn't want to go in their house."
Jill Culter: "I didn't want to... excuse me (sobs)."

As the prosecution wrapped up its case, the 911 call made by Southwick, who admitted to the shooting, was played.

"I really screwed up and I'm not going to try to hurt anyone," Southwick could be heard saying on the recording.

He did not take the stand. Closing arguments were expected the following day. 

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