Reward up to $50,000 in Zota Resort murders

- The murders of two employees at the new beachfront Zota Resort Friday morning has shocked everyone in Longboat Key.

"This is a particular heinous crime with two victims that didn't deserve anything like this," said Longboat Key Police Chief Pete Cumming.

Cumming said front desk manager Timothy Hurley, and security guard Kevin Carter, were shot to death. They are the first homicides in Longboat Key in 17 years.

"These people worked here. These people contributed, these people were minding their own business doing their lives and their lives ended," he said.

Officers said the person who killed them was captured on security cameras wearing a mask, prior to the murders.

It happened in an area where there's a mix of expensive condos, homes and a few resorts.

"This is an isolated incident and that's what it was, was a robbery. It happened out here because it was a crime of opportunity," said Cumming.

Cumming is hopeful an ever-growing reward will continue bringing in tips to their phone lines and investigators.

"It has affected everybody. We've gotten calls throughout the town since it happened," said Fire Chief Paul Dezzi.

The Town of Longboat Key donated $10,000 for information leading to an arrest.

Zota, the resort where both men worked, has offered $21,000, and reward money continues to pour in. It now totals $50,000.

Dezzi said there's a good reason why.

"These victims of this crime are members of this community, and we feel that's one way of showing commitment to their families," he said.

Investigators are hopeful the reward will get someone who knows something to start talking.

"Anybody capable of committing this type of crime is a danger to everyone, including associates at that level. I encourage anybody that knows anything to take into account future crimes that this individual might commit and future lives that might be at risk," said Cumming.

If you have any information about the crime you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 866-634-TIPS. 

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