Sarasota considering lifting ice cream truck ban

- A decades-old city ordinance that bans ice cream trucks from operating within the city limits may be lifted, after taking heat from business owners.

Eric Garfield moved from Baltimore to sunny Sarasota to start a snowball business.

He said he didn't know about the ordinance until he was stopped by a police officer while selling frosty treats at a school located within the city limits.

"A police officer came to escort me away citing an ordinance that I did not know existed," said Garfield.

Surprised and disappointed, Garfield contacted city commissioner Hagen Brody.

"I think you'd struggle to find someone who didn't have a good memory of chasing down an ice cream truck in the hot summer," said Brody, who supports lifting the ban.

According to Brody, the ordinance was created by former city commissioners to keep children from running into the street.

But after receiving Garfield's complaint, Brody said he believes the ban is unreasonable.

"The more general and broader concern is that, are we being business friendly and entrepreneur friendly in our community?" questioned Brody.

Many local parents were surprised the ordinance existed, but are hopeful the city considers Garfield's plea.

"Brings back memories of when I was a kid," said Jay Anderson, "and you know it's kind of wholesome fun for the kids."

Brody said the city council is leaning toward lifting the ban and should make a final decision soon.

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