Second Sarasota deputy accused in case of Frank Bybee

- A second deputy has been arrested in the case of former Sarasota County sheriff's deputy Frank Bybee.

Deputy Carson Plank is accused of helping to cover up the alleged crimes of her then co-worker,  Frank Bybee, who is accused of trying to kill an elderly woman, and accepting money for sex from another.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office says Deputy Plank responded to a woman's home on January 12 after the owner claimed Bybee - her former handyman  - tried to kill her.

Documents show Plank is charged with impeding an investigation. They say she took pictures of hair and blood with a cell phone, forwarded them to Bybee, and then told detectives she saw nothing unusual.

"Theoretically, he could have said, 'Hey, look, she went to the house, she made these observations. This person just sent me these text messages.'" said defense attorney Anthony Rickman, who is not involved in this case.

Deputies say Plank eventually admitted to telling Bybee he was under investigation for the woman's claims that he tried to force pills down her throat.

At a hearing this week, Bybee's bond was reduced from $1,000,000 to $300,000, after his attorney argued the woman made it up, citing a history of mental health issues and emails where she threatened to kill herself with pills.

"Either she is completely crazy in setting up this officer, or he is sick and twisted and he tried to kill this lady," said Rickman.

His character is being looked at.

On Wednesday, deputies released an audio interview of a woman who said she paid Bybee to have sex with her and that he was obsessed with money.

The first woman, who accuses him of trying to kill her, says he used her ATM pin to take out $4,000 without her knowledge.

"It is bits and pieces and so many different stories and sides and that is what a court and jury is going to have to do, sift out what is truth, what is fact and fiction?" said Rickman.

Deputy Plank not only told Bybee that there was an investigation, but allegedly told him what specific questions they asked. She has been placed on administrative leave.

Bybee is charged with over 20 offenses.

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