Slow down, kids! Busch Gardens' sloths celebrate first birthdays

- What has two toes, moves slowly, and knows how to party?  Sloths, when they’re celebrating their first birthday!

The baby two-toed sloths at Busch Gardens are turning one this week.  Even in the slow-moving sloth world, the kids grow up fast.

Yiscel and Koda are both celebrating their first birthdays this week, though they're not twins.  In fact, they're different species: Yiscel is a Linne's two-toed sloth and Koda is a Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth.

The main difference is their size.  Yiscel is quite a bit bigger than Koda. 

Sloths sleep about 20 hours a day, hence their name.

You can check them out the next time you're at Busch Gardens.  They live in the Animal Connections exhibit across from the Nairobi train station.

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