Spine doctor accused of sexual assault takes deal

- Ginger Ingram accuses her former doctor of sexually assaulting her during a medical exam.

She says the incident left her emotionally scarred for life, but despite her claims, the doctor isn't going to jail.

Pinellas County prosecutors say it happened last February during a routine exam at Florida Spine Institute in Clearwater. Ingram says, as she laid on her back, he violated her - twice.

Despite the accusations, there were issues with the case. Prosecutors had to explain text messages Ingram sent the doctor right after the alleged assault.

"It felt really good.. and I looked forward to being alone with you again," one message read. 

Sources say prosecutors believed the two may have had a secret relationship. Sources also say Ingram met with her civil attorney before going to police.

Regardless, Ingram testified in court, where Dr. John Drygras was set to accept a plea deal. She did not hold back.

"John Drygas, you are a wolf in sheep's clothing; the worst kind of predator," Ingram said.

She told the judge she was shocked and afraid.

"Your Honor, he told me, 'That is what turned me on the most.' I was in the exam room trying to get help. It was a month before my wedding to my husband," she cried out.

Attorney Anthony Rickman, a regular contributor for FOX 13 News, is the doctor's attorney.

"What we heard today is just one side of the equation, one side of the story. At trial, we believe the other side would come out," said Rickman.

But there won't be a trial. The doctor pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of aggravated battery. He does not face jail time, but may be sentenced to five years probation.

Drygas admitted having sexual contact with Ingram, but says it was consensual.

She says it wasn't  and was ready to tell a jury about it.

"I'm not exactly happy with the outcome, but at least he didn't get to walk free," Ingram said Wednesday outside of the courtroom.

Igram is also suing the Drygas and the Spine Institute in civil court.

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