Storms damage at least three homes in Pinellas

- A fast-moving storm damaged at least three homes in Pinellas County Sunday afternoon.  

Just after 3 p.m., the St. Petersburg Fire Department responded to the 4300 block of 11th Avenue South after a tree fell on several homes. 

Kathy Smith and her husband were home watching a movie when they were interrupted by a loud noise. 

"We heard something go crack, and then a big boom," Smith said. 

That boom was a massive tree crashing into their home, and taking the electrical wires with it. 

"Both of us jumped up and ran, we found that the back of the house was on fire from the electrical wire hanging down," Smith explained. 

Around the same time, just blocks away, Rashawn Douglass and his mother were inside their home when a tree ripped through the roof. 

"My mom was scared, she says oh no, we got to go," recounted Rashawn Douglass. "She ran to her room instantly, started getting her stuff and said we can't stay here right now."

Both Douglass and Smith's home remain without power.

No injuries were reported as a result of the storm. 

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