Sub shop owners clean up after truck rams into restaurant.

- A New Port Richey family is picking up the pieces, literally, after a suspected drunk driver slammed his truck into their restaurant before taking off.

It happened Sunday afternoon at City Subs and More on 5446 Grand Boulevard. Luckily, no one was inside at the time or this could've ended much worse.

Dimitrios "Jimmy" Kapetanopoulos just opened City Subs and More last July. Things were going great until Hurricane Irma hit. Business slowed for a while, but was on the upswing.
Then came a second hit, Sunday - an actual hit.

"It was like a disaster area," said Kapetanopoulos. "I mean, half of the front of the building was gone."

New Port Richey Police say 65-year-old Jerry Jokisch was behind the wheel when his Ford F-150 veered off the road and slammed into the restaurant, shattering glass and sending tables and chairs barreling across the floor. All of this was caught on surveillance video.

"You see the truck back up, and then he goes forward again and hits something," Kapetanopoulos said. "He backs up a second time and he pulls away and we are like, how can he pull away with that kind of damage to his car? It was unbelievable."

Jokisch continued down Grand Boulevard, hitting a pole before police tracked down the suspected drunk driver.

"He came and took a wide turn on Gulf, avoided one, two, three oak trees," Kapetanopoulos said.

Tire marks and curb damage show the path of destruction.

"I guess he went airborne because he hit the fence here, slammed the fence into my son's car over there," Kapetanopoulos said.

Despite the mess, he is counting at least two blessings. The shop isn't open on Sundays. And, he and his son who had been inside cleaning, left about two hours earlier.

"We were lucky," Kapetanopoulos said. "Thank God nobody was inside because if we would have been here, somebody would have been seriously hurt."

Workers spent Monday making repairs and making sure the building is structurally sound because each day without customers hurts.

"Financially, it's devastating," Kapetanopoulos said. "It's a mom and pop restaurant. It's not a big chain. Let it be a lesson to drinking and driving, I guess. There's really no room for that, anywhere."

Jokisch had to be taken to the hospital for his injuries. Police said once he's released, he faces charges of Driving under the Influence and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. 

As for the restaurant, they plan to spend Tuesday cleaning up the mess and dust, and hope be back open for business on Wednesday.

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