Swingers club accused of using models' images without concent, payment

- Twenty models are suing a Tampa swingers club in federal court, accusing the club of using their photos for advertisements without permission or payment.

The club, Eyz Wide Shut, bills itself as Tampa's premiere swingers club. It advertises using images of scantily-clad models for Halloween parties, toga parties, and "Tempt Me Thursdays," just to name a few. 

And while some might think the beautiful women on the ads will show you a good time, that is not the case. In fact, many of the models in the ads are now suing the swingers club for using their images to promote the club without permission or payment.

Attorney Anthony Rickman reviewed the documents, and said the reasons to use the images for their marketing is clear: Beautiful women will show you a good time if you come to our business. But he says the lawsuit claims the advertising is deceptive, exploitive, and tarnished the models' images.

"By using this model's image on Eyz Wide Shut, you are basically tarnishing her brand and you're doing so without her consent, without her knowledge and most importantly, without her getting compensated for it," Rickman explained.

The owner of the club wasn't available for comment Tuesday, but last week dismissed the lawsuit calling it a scam by lawyers to hurt small businesses.

This lawsuit is the latest in a string of legal action taken against adult-themed entertainment and strip clubs across the country. Some of those cases have been settled out of court.

As for Eyz Wide Shut, Rickman says their case doesn't look good.

"There is precedent for it, and likely there will be some sort of settlement struck," said Rickman.

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