Trial for 'MJ' Schnitt vs. former lawyers begins

- An alleged plot by three Tampa lawyers to have their opponent arrested for DUI is unfolding for a jury in another civil trial. 

The case began right in the middle of the now-infamous defamation lawsuit pitting radio rivals Todd "MJ" Schnitt and Bubba the Love Sponge against each other. when Schnitt's attorney, Phil Campbell was arrested.

It was soon revealed the three attorneys representing Bubba were behind the DUI setup.

"I would say it was definitely contentious, " Campbell said on the stand Thursday.

Three years later, Campbell's law firm, Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick is taking former client Todd MJ Schnitt and his wife, Michelle to court.

Legal records show the Schnitts failed to pay all their legal fees and now blame Campbell for bad advice, bad strategy and dirty tricks, including trying to link Bubba to a prostitute.

However, Campbell says the prostitute was the Schnitt's idea. He said an investigation found no  connection between Bubba and a prostitute.

"No, this happened because Mr. and Mrs. Schnitt wanted to get linkage with Mr. Clem and a prostitute so they could take it to Cox Radio," Campbell explained.

Schnitt's attorneys also hammered Campbell on questionable fees, which appear to have nothing to do with the defamation case, including billing the Schnitts for Campbell's personal matters with the Florida Bar Association.

Schnitt's attorney asked Campbell during court, "you can't answer the question on why your partner is attending to your bar complaint and charging these people?"

Campbell replied, "this was back in 2012. I don't know."

The Schnitts filed a counter suit, saying the defamation suit was not winnable and should have been been tried.

They are asking for a refund of money they paid the firm. The trial resumes Monday.

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