Video shows bystander stop robbery attempt, beat suspect

- Anthony Nemeth entered the Manatee County jail with his face bruised and bloody Tuesday. Earlier that day, officers said he tried to rob a Walgreens pharmacy, but a bystander stepped in.

"He got beat up. Granted he was fighting back," said Lt. James Racky with the Bradenton Police Department.

Surveillance video from a Walgreens pharmacy shows just how it happened.

On Valentine's Day, police said Nemeth dressed in a hoodie, covered his face and walked into the Walgreens on Cortez Road and 59th street.

"He jumped up onto the counter, demanding all of their Oxycodone 30 milligram," said Lt. Racky.

People standing around him couldn't believe it.

"The clerk is like, 'are you kidding me? Is this for real?' He said, 'it's no joke. I have a gun.' He put his hand into his waste band," said Lt. Racky.

However, a nearby customer said he was not going to let the robbery happen.

David West, who is seen off to the left in the video, takes note of what's happening - and then decides to take action.

The rest was caught on camera.

He begins to fight with Nemeth, who bumps into a display and then his shirt is ripped off. He stumbles, but a few more punches from the good Samaritan takes him to the ground and knocks him out cold.

"Normally, I would say don't get involved, especially when there is a weapon they can see, but apparently the citizen didn't see or felt he had a weapon," said Lt.Racky.

Bradenton Officers came to take Nemeth to jail, but not before making a quick stop at the hospital to make sure he was okay after West's intervention.

"He was taken to the hospital for his injuries, which were minor. A lot of scrapes, but he did not want to talk to us," said Lt.Racky.

Then it was off to jail to pose for the mug shot.

Police said they are thankful Nemeth is the only one who got hurt.

"Best part is, the citizen got involved and helped out during a crime in progress without endangering himself and others," said Lt.Racky.

Nemeth is charged with attempted armed robbery. He is being held in the Manatee County Jail with a $15,000 bond. 

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