Witness: Man hit and killed in road rage incident


A man died after officials said he was hit and dragged by a pickup truck on Thursday night.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, Bradley John Yost, 32, was hit by another vehicle when he got out of his car on Bayshore Road.


Troopers stopped short of calling it road rage and no arrests have been made, but witnesses say they believe it was. Thomas Schruger who lives in front of Bayshore Road said he saw the two cars pull over and one of the drivers got out.


"The guy gets out of the car and starts to walk around the front of the car to obviously go and talk to the driver of the truck, he's got his arms up," said Schruger, who said he saw tension between the two drivers.


According to Schruger, the pickup truck driver hit the gas and hit the other driver, who's body got stuck underneath the truck. Investigators said the body was dragged to 73rd Street, about a mile and a half from where it was hit.


No one has been arrested in connection with this incident, but investigators do have a name for the driver of the pickup truck. “If anybody is going to learn anything from this it’s don’t get out of the car," said Schruger.

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