Woman accused of stealing ex's jewels speaks out

- Mary Hunt being sued by her ex-fiancée, who said she broke into his home and took millions in jewelry, and then shipped it to her parents’ home in Virginia.

Months after an initial accusations were made, Mary Hunt told FOX 13’s Gloria Gomez she is the victim and her ex, millionaire business man Scott Mitchell, has made her a prisoner in her own mind.

"It’s that reason why I’m speaking with you today, because I’m scared. I’m not scared right now, but I’m scared, when this is settled, what he's going to do,” Hunt explained.

But Hunt said, for the first time, she is fighting back.

"He's a psychopath. I think he's just sick, and he can't help it, but I don't know why he's doing this. I did anticipate his doing something, and I knew it was going to be a lot more extreme than before," she said.

Hunt faces charges of grand theft, but maintains her innocence. 

"I did not steal jewels. I've never been in the safe, vault room or his guest house," Hunt said.

Mitchell told police Hunt stole the jewelry from his safe and then she and her mother shipped the goods to her parents’ home in Virginia. Mary says that is a lie, adding the only jewels delivered to her parents’ home were fake, costume jewelry pieces made in China.

Home surveillance video provided by Mitchell shows Hunt in the garage with a bag over her shoulder. Mitchell said the bag is filled with the jewels.

Court documents, however, show an expert, hired by Hunt’s lawyer, examined the video and concluded it had been manipulated. The audio and video did not match.

In court filings, Hunt stated the lies, manipulation and abuse started months after the two started dating. Every time she tried to leave him, she said he would make false accusations, including theft of several Rolex watches.

"What I did wrong was stay with him for as long as I did," Hunt said.

The case was supposed to go to trial soon, but just this month, the U.S. Attorney’s Office decided to not prosecute the case. She hopes the state soon will do the same.

"I just want my life back," she told FOX 13 News.

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