Men surveying Baton Rouge floods save woman, dog from sinking car

- "Oh my God, I'm drowning!" A Louisiana woman could be heard screaming for help from her convertible as it sank into flood waters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Saturday. But nearby, a group of men on a boat who jumped in to save her - and her dog. 

The men on the boat were giving a local news reporter a tour of flooded areas when they apparently spotted the red convertible's trunk sticking up from the water. As they quickly approached, the woman could be heard inside screaming. 

The men first tried to break into the car's soft top with a boat oar, but realized they were out of time. One of them jumped in as only the top of the car was visible, and ripped it back. The woman's arm could be seen reaching out from the water and he pulled her up, out of the car and toward the air. 

After taking a half-gasp of air, she said, "get my dog!"

Apparently her pup was in the car with her when it began to sink. 

The man, with only his head above the water, searched with his hands, trying to locate her dog. After an unsuccessful attempt, with the car now fully submerged, she insisted he try to bring up her pooch. 

That's when he disappeared into the brown flood water, as she watched on. 

One of the men on the boat could be heard saying "I think she's gone" after throwing a life jacket to the woman. 

"No, she better not be," she responded, just before the man reappeared from under the water. 

He got the dog. 

All of the men on the boat exclaimed "Oh!" in unison when he said "I got your dog!"

How the woman, her dog and the car got into the water was unclear, but what mattered in this moment was that there were some Good Samaritans ready and willing to make sure she and her dog got out safely. 

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