Naked man arrested on METRO train for allegedly hitting officer

- A naked man was arrested on a Houston METRO train after police say he sprayed officers with pesticide and hit an officer in the face. Keith L Dean, 49, has been charged with two counts of assault-bodily injury of a public servant.

According to police, on June 6, a man was driving to a store when he saw a naked man in a METRO parking lot. He approached the naked man with a towel to cover him up, but the suspect demanded the man's watch and then punched him in the face and fled when he handed it over, police say.

When officers arrived on the scene, police say the naked man was on a METRO train with a pesticide sprayer he had grabbed from a METRO grounds crew. According to HPD, officers approached the suspect who then started spraying them with pesticide. Video shows the officer grabbing the pesticide wand and telling the suspect to put the can down. The suspect put the can down then punched the officer in the face, authorities say. Officers tased the man twice then took him into custody.

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