Ohio officer given Narcan after being exposed to drugs during arrest

- Police body camera video shows another life being saved by the anti-overdose drug Narcan, but the life saved was not that of a person who is addicted to opiates.

It was the life of an on-duty Columbus, Ohio police officer.

The intense images were released by the Columbus Police Department. It happened earlier this month.

During an arrest, an officer notices his colleague showing signs of an overdose.

“Are you OK?” the officer yells before radioing for medical assistance.

The video shows an officer questioning a woman handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser.

Officer: In the car, what is that?

Woman: She called it ice. I swear God, that’s what she called it.

Officer: Fentanyl in it.?

Woman: Not that I know of.

Officer: OK, well we have an officer having an effect right now.

Meanwhile, fellow officers springing into action to administer Narcan, which reverses the effects of a drug overdose.

Two officers tend to their colleague.

They can be heard saying: “You can do it… Come here, one in each nostril… Is it going in? There it goes, squirt it out, squirt it out… Suck it up, suck it up that nostril. We're good. Narcan administered."

The Columbus Police Department says the officer will make a full recovery. 

Officers carry Narcan for situations like this, but the drug is typically used to save the lives of overdose victims who have intentionally taken illegal drugs.

The woman accused of having the drugs pleaded guilty to possession of drug abuse instruments.

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