Pizza Hut worker fights off three armed robbers

- Police in Philadelphia say a Pizza Hut employee managed to single-handedly fight off three armed robbers.

And they've released surveillance video of the wild encounter.

The worker is now being hailed as a hero.

When three suspects with guns jumped the counter at the Pizza Hut in Germantown last week, trying to rob the place, they got a little more than they bargained for from employee Demetrius Carnegie.

“Through my head, it was just, ‘Go into security mode and take care of what I gotta take care of,’” Carnegie said.

He was actually off-duty and had just stopped by to visit his sister who also works here. But when trouble struck, he went into attack mode to fight off the three gunmen as they terrorized his sister and fellow employees with those guns.

“Honestly, [I] didn't know if [the guns] were real or not but I had to take my chance because anything can happen after they got the money,” Carnegie said.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment Carnegie knocked one robber backward while another robber appeared ready to shoot.

At one point, he shoved an entire rack of pizza boxes down on top of the teenage bandits. They finally had enough, jumped the counter, and fled as startled employees looked on.

Kaashio Mustafa works alongside Carnegie. He wasn't surprised by his co-worker's courage, but he was still thankful he stepped up and protected everyone.

“The guy had heart. He fought three of them off and then they just ran out,” Mustafa remembers.

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