Police: Woman arrested for hitting dog with frying pan

- "I can't imagine the mentality or heartlessness of someone who would beat on a dog," Lane said.

A sheriff's deputy responded to an animal cruelty report on March 11, just after noon. The complainant, Vera Fowler, told authorities she was notified of a video online showing that her daughter, Alyssa Duvall, hit a dog with a frying pan.

"I was appalled, sickened and teary eyed for that poor dog in her care," Lane said.

Duvall was charged with a misdemeanor account of cruelty to animals, according to police. Fowler was not home at the time of the incident, but a witness was, according to the deputy's report.

According to police, the witness told the deputy that Duvall did hit the dog with a frying pan after it urinated on the floor and bit Duvall. The deputy observed the dog and found no visible injuries.

A Calhoun woman has been arrested after a video was posted online of her hitting a dog with a frying pan, according to the Gordon County Sheriff's Office. 

The video has been swirling around Facebook. Tina Lane reposted the video after someone sent it to her. She told FOX 5 Monday, the video is disheartening.

WATCH: Disturbing video deputies say shows a 19-year-old woman hitting a dog with a frying pan

"There's never an excuse for that sort of violence," Lane said.

Authorities have obtained a copy of video, which is going viral online, and took photos of the dog as evidence in the case.

Lane said she is disappointed Duvall was only charged with a misdemeanor. She said she hopes the Gordon County District Attorney's Office prosecutes Duvall to the fullest extent of the law.

"I was under the impression that Georgia was pushing for stronger animal violence, animal abuse laws and punishment," Lane said.

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NOTE: Gordon County deputies initially identified the suspect charged in the case as Alyssa Renae Fowler. On Tuesday, March 21, the sheriff's office stated the correct name is Alyssa Renae Duvall.

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