Fla. poll: Clinton leads by 1 point; medical marijuana looking likely

- In a survey of registered likely voters in Florida, the presidential race is a virtual dead heat with Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by one percentage point.

Marco Rubio leads Patrick Murphy by just two percent of the vote in a potential November Senate contest.  And if the vote was held today, Amendment 2, allowing for prescription and use of medical marijuana, would pass overwhelmingly.

FOX 13 pollster Matt Towery explains his latest results:

Clinton has a slight lead over Trump in Florida mainly because she has a higher percentage of Democrats who indicate they will vote for her than Republicans who support Trump. Independent voters lean significantly towards Trump. Clinton leads among both Hispanics and African-Americans.

The results show the damage that names such as Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz -- among many other prominent Republicans -- have done to the Trump effort. A reasonable number of Republicans say they will vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

But one thing that is also becoming clear is that Trump is not suffering from the barrage of media stories that have seemingly hurt his effort. If anything, Trump appears to be trending up even as these stories break at a fast pace.

In the end, the debates will likely decide how Florida votes, with one caveat. Clinton and supporting groups have filled the airwaves in Florida, while Trump's presence is barely existent. If Trump's campaign believes they can wait until the last minute to air commercials, they are wrong. This is not a primary election and the Clinton ads are far more professional and effective than the ads Trump faced in Florida last March. This can be found in the age group of voters 30 to 44 in the poll. Clinton is crushing Trump among this age group, a demographic with which local affiliate political ads are very effective.

The poll was conducted August 9 to 10.

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