Grayson under pressure to drop senate bid

- Rep. Alan Grayson's campaign for senate is in hot water after a Politico report described 20 years of spousal abuse he allegedly committed against his then-wife, between 1994 and 2014.

Following the report, Grayson got into a tête-à-têtes with a reporter from Politico who was following up with Grayson.

They accused each other of shoving one another, with Grayson saying he would give a video of the incident to police.

"You are going to accuse the reporter from assaulting you for asking a question?" the reporter, Edward-Isaac Dovere asked.

"No no, not for asking us questions, but for getting in my face and being a fool and pushing me," Grayson responded.

The Politico video does not show the reporter pushing Grayson, but it does show Grayson putting his hands on the reporter as he accused him of blocking his path.

Grayson denied his wife's accusations and told Politico his ex-wife is a disturbed woman who made one false allegation after another.

But top Democratic Sens. Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, called on Grayson to drop his race against Patrick Murphy, who already leads in polling averages and is supported by Democratic elite, including President Obama.

"Your personal values are very important to how you are going to exercise your political values," said Neil Sroka, a spokesman for the progressive advocacy group Democracy for America.

The group immediately took their endorsement back.

"[We are] committed to ensuring that we help support and build the strength of people who are surviving sexual abuse, assault and any sort of family violence."

Neither Grayson nor Murphy responded to our request for comment.

The primary is being held Aug. 30.

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