Is the RNC being overshadowed by recent events?

- The Republican National Convention ushered in its first evening with rousing speeches focused on national security, a tone that was met with mixed reactions among voters FOX 13 spoke to on Monday afternoon.

University of Tampa student Palmer Leary is from Orlando, and knows several people impacted by the Orlando Pulse night club massacre.

"It sounds like background noise until it happens to someone close to you," he said. "Then you want to hear as much as you can."

Although he is leaning towards Hillary Clinton, he plans to keep close tabs on what the Republicans say about national security, which has an entirely new meaning this campaign: safe from terror, and safe from ourselves.

"They do feel important to me," Leary said. "It is this country's well-being, it is the future of it. So of course I am going to pay attention to see what happens."

Craig Van Wagner of the University of Tampa College Republicans also said it is good to focus on security.

"I think that all of these terror attacks are actually helping him in the polls," Van Wagner said.

Others are dismayed to see the politicalization of terror or shootings of police and by police.

Veteran Mike Flach is solid for Trump, but sees campaign rhetoric - from all sides - as pandering.

"Worthless might be the wrong word for it, but there is no content in it," said Flach. "Each side uses the other. That's not good."

Zach Abati is a 21-year-old college student from Tampa who says the economy is most important.

He has watched recent events with horror, but is skeptical anyone will get anything done.

"It is lip service," said Abati. "We have to wait until November when they are elected into office and even still a few months after to see if they are going to keep to those promises."

One speaker asked the convention hall a question we may hear the rest of the campaign:  "Are you safer now than you were eight years ago?"

It is a question whose answer may be hard to define, but hotly debated.

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