Several Bay Area reps uncommitted on health care vote

- With a crucial vote looming in Congress, Terry Rowan is watching closely. His Medicaid subsidy could be at stake.

"I am so glad I have [Obamacare] right now," he said. "I don't know what I'd do without it."

He is one of the estimated 24 million Americans who the Congressional Budget Office says could lose health care under the Republican plan, which caps Medicaid spending after 2020. In Florida, the number who could lose coverage is 1.3 million. In Tampa Bay, it's about 220,000.

Pasco Republican Gus Bilirakis, he was asked at a town hall meeting last month if everyone in his district would keep their coverage.

"That's what the goal is," he said.

He will vote in support of the plan. Same goes for Republican Dennis Ross of Polk County, who promises the American Health Care Act (AHCA) would lower premiums by 10 percent.

"We will have affordability and accessibility to their policies, because there is going to be a multitude of competition," said Ross. "Add to that, increased health savings accounts where you can put away pre-tax dollars for over-the-counter medication, people will manage their health care better."

But Sarasota Republican Vern Buchanan is undecided, as is Daniel Webster of Hernando County. He and other conservatives are threatening to withhold 25 votes, three more than the GOP can afford to lose.

"On one side you have the Republicans," said FOX 13 Political Editor Craig Patrick. "On the other side, you have the... Republicans."

190,000 constituents in the four GOP Tampa Bay districts are on Obamacare, with 140,000 predicted to lose coverage under the new plan.

Donald Trump's promise at the Florida State Fairgrounds in October hangs over it all.

"We are going to have great health care at a fraction of the cost," said Trump. "You watch."

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