Puerto Rican students sing, pray with linemen who restored power

- It's been five months since the electricity was knocked out by Hurricane Maria at Amazing Christian School in Puerto Rico.

The moment power was restored, it was clear students and staff had not lost hope despite being without power for almost half a year.

Electrical crews were able to turn the lights on at Amazing Christian School Wednesday, January 31. School staff posted a video of the kids' reaction to part of their life being returned to normal.

After the screams and cheers, students broke out in song.

But the most touching moments came when the electrical workers came into the school to greet the children and teachers.

As the kids gathered around the linemen, two women led the group in prayer, asking God for protection and blessings for the electrical workers from New York.

A representative from the school said they are lucky to have power and many nearby communities are still without.

Amazing Christian School is located about 15 miles (24.8 km) south of Puerto Rico's capital, San Juan.

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