Search underway for missing service dog in training

- Search is underway for a service dog in training who ran from the airport after a TSA screening at Orlando International Airport.

The service dog in training, Jess, escaped from her trainers arms while they were going through the TSA pre-check line.

Kaitlyn Wakefield says the dog would have never run off if the TSA agent hadn't ordered her to remove the metal leash.

"He said, 'No. You need to put all your stuff on the belt including her vest, leash and collar,'" Wakefield told FOX 35. "So I reached with my right arm to put all that on the belt. I held her in my left arm, she's 50 pounds and petrified. And she bolted!"

Wakefield says she chased the dog through the airport for a long time, until Jess bolted outside.

For two days the trainer, volunteers and the Aviation Authority's Wildlife Unit have been actively searching airport grounds for the dog.

The TSA does offer any service dog organization the opportunity to schedule checkpoint acclimation experiences.

"In this situation, the TSA officer knew the metal leash would alarm the walk through metal detector and thought he was being helpful by asking her to remove the least to facilitate screening," TSA spokesperson released in a statement. "But he made a mistake and we regret this. He is being retrained."

Furever Bully Love Rescue, the group training Jess, is offering a two thousand dollar award to whoever brings home "their girl."

It should be noted that Jess may also responded to the name Scarlett.

For updates on the search for Jess follow FOX 35 or Furever Bully Love Rescue.

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