Bag of moon dust worth $4 million up for auction


Do you love astronauts, the moon and outer space? Do you have an expendable $4 million?

Sotheby’s New York is auctioning off the world’s only known bag of moon dust.

Sotheby’s says on its website that this is "The only such relic available for private ownership, it is exceptionally rare.”

Owning anything from the moon is illegal, for some reason, so how did this moon dust get to Sotheby’s? 

Well, first Neil Armstrong collected the dust and rocks during the Apollo 11 mission and put them in a bag. Then NASA totally forgot about it. Later, NASA held an auction to sell off old random space things. 

Nancy Lee Carlson, a lawyer from Chicago and self-proclaimed space nerd, bought the item at auction for $995. When she realized what was in the bag, she had NASA test the contents. 

NASA freaked out, realizing it sold her the only known bag of moon dust in the world. NASA sued Carlson hoping to get the dust back, but lost in court.

Now the moon dust goes to auction again next month, where Carlson is projected to make an out of this world $4 million dollar profit

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