Early morning SpaceX launch leaves dazzling display in sky

- The latest SpaceX launch occurred before sunrise, and it left behind a dazzling show in the sky.  The launch occurred in Cape Canaveral, but residents across Florida -- including the Tampa Bay area -- were able it to see it for themselves.

The unmanned rocket sent fresh space supplies for the International Space Station, as well as the first robot with artificial intelligence. On top of that, NASA wanted to make sure its outer space scientists had enough energy, so they also sent super-caffeinated coffee.

The Falcon 9 rocket lifted off at its scheduled time of 5:42 a.m. Friday. Tampa Bay area residents shared photos and video of the glow in the eastern sky. 

The display was caused by ice crystals in the rocket's exhaust that were high enough in the atmosphere to catch the rising sun.

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You can watch Friday morning's SpaceX launch below:

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