Tulsa police run over, kill suspect during chase

- Dashcam video released by the Tulsa Police Department shows the moment an officer ran over a suspect -- killing her -- after a shootout earlier this month, and may help settle the question over whether it was an appropriate act.

Madison Dickson, 21, was wanted for several gun-related crimes, including shooting a man in the head less than two days before her death, according to the Tulsa World. She had gotten into a shootout with police before she was hit by the police vehicle.

The police department released multiple versions of the footage on Friday. One edited version includes a few moments of slow-motion with a red circle superimposed around the suspect’s hand to emphasize that she was carrying a gun during the altercation.

In the edited version, an officer is heard saying “she’s running” before several shots are heard. It is unclear who is firing the shots because it is not seen on camera. The officer — identified as Jonathan Grafton — then aims the vehicle after Dickson, who appears in view on the sidewalk. It appears she aims something at the vehicle.

Dickson is then seen continuing to run away before she is hit and appears to fall under the police vehicle, which is when the edited version of the video ends.

The police also provided a longer, unedited version of the video. After Dickson is on the ground, officers are yelling at her to show her hands and put her hands behind her back. An officer also can be heard saying he’s going to "tase" her. A dashcam video from a second vehicle shows the incident from further away.

Grafton has been on paid administrative leave since the incident, pending the investigation of his use of deadly force, the World reported.

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