Boy sells lemonade to help pay for his adoption

A third-grader in Missouri has been selling lemonade to help pay for his adoption.  He has been through so much already in his young life and wants to remain with the only stable family he's ever known.

Nine-year-old Tristan Jacobson sold $1 lemonades Friday in front of the home in Springfield he shares with Donnie and Jimmy Davis, who have been Tristan's kinship guardians since he was 5.

The lemonade stand and a weekend yard sale raised $7,100 to assist with the adoption legal fees. A further $16,000 has been donated via

Donnie Davis says "there's not enough words to say 'thank you' to everyone."

Davis says:  "Tristan is already our son, in our hearts.  But we want to make it official.  He wants to have our last name.  Actually he has decided he wants to change his first name.  And we are letting him.  He has picked out the name of Quill Tristan Davis.  He is so excited; he tries to tell his teachers to call him that now.  He’s such an awesome kid. "


Note:  Further details about Tristan's background can be seen on the page but some readers may find them shocking and disturbing.


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