Caught on camera: Men steal tablet from woman in wheelchair


The FOX affiliate in Seattle reports that one of these thieves was caught earlier this year, though a second suspect was still unidentified.

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Police say a woman in a wheelchair was robbed of her tablet. But surprisingly, the victim forgives those that have wronged her.

“I was mostly angry because they scared me and made me feel unsafe,” said the victim, Carolyn.

Carolyn isn't worried about her stolen Samsung Nook tablet; she's worried about you.

"I just think that if they'll target me, they'll target anyone,” she said.

She and her husband are living with cerebral palsy. They visit Northgate Mall often where she works on Christian book reviews and huddles with him to talk.

"He's kind and thoughtful and funny,” said Carolyn.

They were enjoying a Friday afternoon together when the two guys you see on surveillance video started watching them. Carolyn took notice.

"I didn't want to engage them because they were kind of scary looking,” she said.

In the video, you can see the suspect in the red t-shirt lingering across from them. He's quickly joined by another guy in a black coat with a hoodie, wearing gray pants and a ball cap.

They talk for a few minutes and then the guy in black walks off screen. Seconds later, the man in the red-tshirt strikes, ripping her tablet right out of her hands, according to the footage.

Carolyn has forgiven the two young men. She says she feels sorry for them.

Thankfully, she had all of her work backed up and her husband bought her a new tablet. She's telling her story though because she's worried they won't stop and their next victim will be you.

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