Store clerk rescues baby from seizing mother's arms

- A Colorado convenience store worker is credited for her quick thinking after surveillance video shows her reaching out to save a baby when its mother had a seizure.

It happened Sunday at a convenience store in Arvada, Colorado. Store clerk Rebecca Montano said she had never seen anything like it before.

"She started coming up to the counter so I came up to help her," Montano said.

The customer before her was quiet, and she started swaying.

"She had a glazed look on her face and I knew something was wrong," Montano remembered. "So I reached over the counter and grabbed the baby's arm."

Then, without notice, the customer collapsed.

Montano only had enough time to rescue the baby from falling with her mother.

"Every time I watch it, it hurts. I wish I could've held on to her longer," Montano said.

The woman had a seizure. Officials in Colorado said she is fine now - and so is the baby girl.

However, Montano said she was still shaken, even though her customers say she should feel like a hero.

It’s a title with which she said she’s not comfortable and reminds people she's just an average person who did what was right.

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