Video shows woman allegedly running over boyfriend

- Warning: this video is graphic and may not be suitable for all audiences.

A woman allegedly ran her boyfriend over while he was riding a bicycle.

He survived, and now she's in jail.

The video shows the victim riding his bike in the street. The impact tossed the victim over the car, and the driver left the scene.

The victim was still alive but badly injured. Bystanders are seen coming to help as the victim struggles to stand up. He tries to walk but the injuries are too much, and he falls into a block wall.

Forty-three-year-old Misty Lee Wilke was later arrested. The man on the bike was a boyfriend and according to court documents she had recently found out the victim had HIV.

Before the attack, she told police her boyfriend was laughing at her about the situation and attacked her with a pocket knife. But documents say the victim was left with a fractured vertebrae and a head injury that required staples. Investigators say they found the victim's hair and blood as well as paint from the bike on Wilke's mustang.

The incident happened on April 29 near 13th St and Hatcher. The argument started in a park next to the crime scene, and the driver sped toward the victim. What they didn't realize was that a neighbor's security camera captured the entire incident. That video is now in the hands of police.

Wilke remains jailed and faces two counts of aggravated assault.

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