Walmart cashier pays for family's groceries

"One of the other registers didn't have bags, so I had to move to another register, and when I moved to that register, that's when Ashley came through the line," Dasant said. "I was like 'man, y'all got a lot of stuff.'"

Dasant said "something" told her to do something nice for the family, who was checking out with two carts. One of the baskets was full of groceries and the other was full of household items. 

"You guys look like you need a blessing tonight," Dasant told the couple. 

Believing she was instructed by God, she gave them $100 of her own money. 

Ashley Jordan said their family of five is so grateful for the blessing. 

A cashier decided to give a total stranger $100 for groceries while a family was checking out at a Walmart in South Carolina. 

Ashley Jordan is a mother of three, which is a job she describes as incredible, but not always easy. Her husband works hard, but most of their money goes toward groceries.

"My husband works a lot of hours," the mother said. "It's almost his whole check."

On a recent shopping trip to Walmart, Mrs. Jordan had a life changing encounter with cashier Sharnique Dasant.

Watch the two women talk about their life-changing experience at Walmart

"We can take care of our kids, but lately it's just been hard," Jordan said. "For her to do that, I just have a lot of faith now. I know that God sent her for me and my family. We pray at night and he answered through her, through Sharnique."

Jordan asked the cashier if she could take a picture with her, and shared the photo on Facebook. The post has more than 33,000 likes. 

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