Artist turns tin cans into sculptures for kids

- Steve Spittka could be considered the ultimate eco-friendly artist. He never pitches an empty can to the trash. Instead, he brightens the lives of others with his creations. 

Spittka makes trucks, motorcycles, and dinosaur heads using what some would consider the unusual canvas of aluminum cans.

He began his craft only five years ago. 

"95-percent of the time, I will just sit in my work shop and just build something out of my head," Spittka explained.

He got his inspiration where many people find their inspiration: church. He helps his church with landscaping chores, including trash pick-up.

"I can make something for someone and give it to them as a gift and create something out of trash," he explained.

In his Zephyrhills workshop, Steven cuts the cans and uses glue to piece them together to create his artwork.
"It just makes me feel happy to make others happy," Spittka said.

Many of his creations go to family and friends.
"It's more blessed to give than to receive. So that's what I have been doing," Steven said.

He said sees value where others don't and recycles with a creative flair.

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