Students lead class discussions in new teaching approach

- A fifth grade teacher at Muller Magnet Elementary School is redefining classroom rolls; engaging students with lessons in a brand new way. 

Kallie Freiner's students lead the class discussions. It's not removing the teacher from the equation. The idea is to engage students in a conversation, encouraging them to think critically about each subject.

"OK, who would like to comment on Laya's work?" a student in the classroom asked the others.

It's called "Student Lead Teaching." The idea is for students to become active stakeholders in their own education and achievement.

"If they are having that talk with each other, able to have a peer explain it to them, sometimes instead of versus a teacher, there is more likely a chance that they will understand," Freiner explained.

Student Gabriel Wilson told FOX 13 News, he feels the benefit of her approach to classroom learning.

"It provides a more unique strategy for learning about whatever the subject we are teaching about," Gabriel said.
Student Sarah Hall added, "I think that it helps us learn more cause when students are teaching other students, you can see how one student made a mistake, and see how their learning is affecting your learning." 

Freiner said student-lead, group learning and leadership builds confidence and camaraderie.

"I think they are reacting great," she said. "Everyone is involved in the lesson."

The goal is to have students helping students reach their full potential.

"That is our biggest goal here, that they track their data. They write down their test scores and reflect on their performance, and figure out what they can do better on a daily basic within a class," Freiner added.

May 2-6 it is Teachers Appreciation Week. FOX 13 News sends a 'thank you' to all the teachers making brighter futures for kids in the Bay Area and across the country. 

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