Beds for All Paws now helping hundreds of shelter pets

- A social media phenomenon is helping animals in shelters live in comfort.

Cindi Hughes started a non-profit social media campaign called Beds For All Paws.She and a group of volunteers now come together for the cause of helping shelter pets.

Recently, Cindi and her group of six volunteers were featured by local media outlets. After her story reached the Bay Area, she saw some big changes.

"I'm shocked every day and I cry 10 times a day of pure joy," Hughes said. "We all have the same goal in mind which is - we're not going to stop until there are no more shelters contacting us that need beds for their dogs."

Beds for All Paws started with six volunteers last month and now is bursting at the seams with more than 40 volunteers.

"I have three rescue dogs myself, so I wanted to help out," new volunteer, Cheryl Kay said.

"I just felt like it was the right thing to do," new volunteer Dr. Leanna Cross added.

The group sews beds for animals in dog shelters.

"It's just sad to see, for one, they don't have a home and, two, they don't have a comfortable bed to lay in," said volunteer Desanya Daly. "They at least deserve that."

Cindi says the group is so busy that they need a warehouse and van to help supply and transport beds for man's best friends.

"Us, few ladies, are lugging all of these things in our car. [We] can barely see trying to get them where they need to go," said Cindi. "My three-car garage is a one car garage. I can barely get anything else in it."

Financial advisor Brenda Ehrke felt so strongly about the movement that she paid for the tax-exempt status.

"I felt it in my heart. I had to do something and that was the only thing that I could think of doing," she said. 

Cindi is so thankful for the group.

"I think I touch a soft spot with people and people saw how easy it is to truly make a difference," added Cindi. "It's just a miracle."

The group meets once a month and has sewed more than 700 beds. For information, email Cindi Hughes at or visit the group's Facebook page

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